• Sugashima Lighthouse


    Sugashima lighthouse
  • Karst landscape


    Karst landscape
  • Kamishima Lighthouse


    Kamishima lighthouse
  • Ise-ebi(spiny lobster)


    Ise-ebi(spiny lobster)
  • Toshijima


  • View of Kamishima from Toshijima


    View of Kamishima from Toshijima
  • Kamishima Lighthouse 2


    Kamishima lighthouse 2
  • Shirongo-hama Beach


    Shirongo-hama Beach
  • Shirongo Matsuri Festival (Sugashima)


    Shirongo Matsuri festival (Sugashima)
  • Rabbitear Iris in Ayameike pond (Sakate Island)


    Rabbitear Iris in Iris pond (Sakate Island)
  • Asagimadara (Chesnut Tiger)


    Asagimadara (Chesnut Tiger)

The remote islands of Toba are located at the opening area of the gulf of Ise, and are the home to a population of approximately 4000 people. The place is known for thriving fishery industry since the surrounding bays and ocean are abundant in natural reefs which attracts fishes to huddle up.
"Kamishima" is known as lovers' sacred spot by the novel "Shiosai" written by Yukio Mishima.
"Toshijima" is the largest Island among all the others around gulf of Ise, where the soul of Yoshitaka Kuki rests in peace.
"Sugashima" boasts a creataceous lighthouse as their signature icon.
"Sakatejima" is filled with beautiful irises that projects an ambience of ancientry.
You can enjoy each Island's unique characteristics and the laid-back atmosphere only available in a rural resort. To get to the islands, please take municipal boats from Toba Marine Terminal.