• Onoura Bridge


    Ounoura bay
  • Onoura Bay


    Ounoura bay 2
  • Onoura Bridge 2


    Ounoura bridge
  • Toba Lookout Point


    Toba Lookout Point
  • Ishigami-san (Shimmei Jinja Shrine)


    Ishigami-san (Shimmei Jinja Shrine)
  • Toba Sea-folk Museum


    Toba Sea-folk Museum
  • Osatsu Ama Museum


    Osatsu Ama Museum
  • Awabi(Abalone)



About 20min. drive from Toba station, impressive views and intriguing culture will emanate in front of you as you drive down "The Pearl Road" alongside the series of ria coast. Starting from a beautiful white arched bridge over Onoura Bay, many oyster farming rafts, Toba Sea-folk Museum with over 60,000 ocean-related archives, and a lookout point with an extensive panoramic view are there for you to experience the great nature of Ise-Shima National Park. At the towns along Pearl Road, the ancient heritage of the Ama, women divers, can be observed. The local have worshipped "Ishigami-san" of Shimmei Jinja Shrine since ancient times. This Ishigami-san is said to grant a wish of any female worshipper who comes to visit the Shrine, which attracts many visitors till this day. Ama huts are popular touring spots where meals are served while enjoying friendly conversation with the divers,.
Southern Toba is appealing in a different way comparing with urban area.