• Mikimoto Pearl Island


    Mikimoto Pearl Island
  • Pearl


  • Toba Aquarium


    Toba aquarium
  • Toba Bay Cruise


    Toba Bay Cruise
  • Mitsushima


  • Toba Minato Festival


    Toba port festival
  • Toba Castle San-no-maru plaza


    Toba Castle Sannomaru plaza
  • Kamome-no-sanpomichi Promenade


    Seagull promenade

The gateway of Toba city is called "Toba Area" where public transportations circulate very actively. Those include Route 42, Ise-Shima skyline, JR Toukai, Kinki Nippon Railway,Kamome Bus, Mie Koutsu Bus, Isewan Ferry, and municipal boats.
Recreational facilities such as Toba Aquarium, Mikimoto Pearl Island, and Toba bay cruise & expiore Dolphin Island are located near Toba station. In downtown area, experience the local history and culture by visiting Edogawa Rampo Museum and ruins of Toba Castle. In addition, there are many fresh seafood restaurants, and great view spots such as The Kamome-no-sanpomichi Promenade, Shiroyama Park, and Mt Hiyoriyama for you to enjoy. Toba Area provides variety of lodging options anywhere from large scale hotels to at-home-style cozy places called ryokan(Japanese inn) and minshuku(private residence that provides room and board). It is also fairly close to Ise Jingu(about 30min. drive) which optimizes the area for lodging.