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Shirongo Matsuri Festival (Sugashima)/ July.

This is Ama diver's festival honoring the island's Shirahige-Daimyojin, guardian deity of the island. This is a major festival of Ise-Shima passed down for hundreds of years by the islanders. The festival site, "Shirongohama,"is a fishing prohibited area except on the festival day and, signaled by the sound of the conch shell trumpet, woman shell divers dive and compete to catch a pair of male and female abalone.
A pair of male and female abalone is called "maneki-awabi" and the first diver to catch them is regarded as the chief Ama diver for the year, and is said to be guaranteed a bountiful year.

Place Shirongo beach, Sugashima-cho
Contact Sugashima Ryokan Association
Tel +81 599 34 2231
Access City-Operated boat from Marine Terminal to "Sugashima". About 20 min. walk along the walking trail (Shirongo kaido) from the port.