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Akasaki Matsuri Festival (Toba)/ June 22nd.

This is a festival of Akasaki Jinja Shrine, a subordinate Shrine of Ise-jingu. Arasakihimenokami, the guardian deity of miniesaisyu (food offered to the Emperor) is enshrined here.
Monthly ritualistic festival is held by Jingu administrative department that attracts a large number of prayers. Many street vendors line side by side from the Shrine to Nakanogo.

Place Akasaki Jinja Shrine 4-chome, Toba
Contact Toba City Tourism Association
Tel +81 599 25 3019
Access [Public transportation]
About 5 min. walk from Kintetsu Shima Akasaki Station.
About 5 min. on bus for "Kuzaki/Ijika" from Toba Station and get off at "Akasaki Jinja Shrine" stop.